Focus On Your Business, Not Your Telecom

Gain Time & Efficiency

Our team of experts has decades of experience working for major carriers, and know the ins-and-outs of the telecom world. They’re your advocates, delivering an unmatched mix of cost control and operational efficiency for our customers.

Quick ticket resolution. Digital Direction’s experienced team knows exactly who to ask and what to do to resolve tickets quickly. With our involvement, tickets are closed an average of 85% faster, which means you stay productive.

Efficient project management. Carrier account managers do the best with what they have, but they’re often overworked, overloaded and just plain over it. Our team has time for you, and procures and completes implementations 40% faster than carrier account managers.

No carrier roadblocks. Our experts have worked for big-name carriers for 15 to 30 years. They are familiar with carrier roadblocks and stalls – and know how to by-pass them to save you time.

One point of contact. You need help now, and you don’t want to play phone tag or wait on hold for hours. Digital Direction gives you a single point of contact so your call won’t be volleyed around to find the right department or person. Enjoy no hold time – and no more repeating your issue to 10 different people.

Smooth MACD coordination. Successfully Moving, Adding, Changing or Deleting telecom services is critical to staying on budget and maintaining key telecom services. We make MACD process as painless as possible so you can use your resources where you need them most.