Save an average of 25%

Reduce Your Telecom Spend

For Digital Direction clients, it doesn’t take long to see real results. With our expert team, you’ll see your ROI within three months.

Resolving billing issues (you never knew you had). Our team of experts finds the “hidden” billing issues that would never come to light if you are dealing only with a carrier’s account manager.

Better negotiation & rate benchmarking. We’re accustomed to negotiating contracts for our clients at terms they find most favorable, based on independent benchmarking, impartial advice and information from more than 50 carriers.

Close tickets 85% faster. It may be a cliché, but it’s true – time is money. That’s why when our team closes trouble tickets 85% faster than companies working with carriers directly; our clients notice it on their bottom line.

Save money with shorter implementations. Digital Direction’s Project Managers implement projects at least 40% faster than when companies work only with their carriers’ project managers.