Cloud Technology Consulting

Cloud Technologies

Making sure you have the right cloud service is complex and time consuming – consulting with the right cloud experts is crucial. Digital Direction boasts the most robust portfolio of next-generation IT technology solutions to meet real-world customer needs. We provide our clients the most advanced cloud solutions, spanning across all desired architectures, including IaaS, UCaaS, DRaaS, DaaS, BaaS and many more "X"aaS offerings. 

Advice, Consultation & Negotiation

Securing cloud services often requires extensive research of vendors in an unfamiliar landscape of options. Companies frequently find out too late that choosing the wrong solution and vendor can mean being stuck with services that fall short of expectation and capability.

Digital Direction has teams of seasoned cloud experts who know the landscape of options and work with the leading vendors of the industry. We know the pros and cons of the top rated vendors and know how to procure and implement the solution that best suit your business now and in the future. Our cloud matrix process affords the best vendor selection based on your needs and budget.

Because of our thought leading expertise, Digital Direction knows vendor processes and price points, and will customize contracts to mitigate future risk and exposure. Good news, we have negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. We perform an ongoing rate analysis to secure our clients the best price on the most favorable terms.

The Right Experts, the Right Solutions

The only way to deliver unmatched service and experience is with a unique team of seasoned industry professionals. Our cloud matrix process allows our advisors to provide you the greatest amount of knowledge and vision. Their behind-the-scenes insight is a great benefit for our clients.

Our team mixes old-fashioned customer service with streamlined processes and forward-thinking expertise to find our clients the best solutions - now and in the future.