All-Inclusive Telecom Management

Outsourced Telecom Management

Digital Direction brings world-class expertise to manage every aspect of the telecom lifecycle – from ongoing inventory and project management to service procurement and contract negotiation. Our OTM services help to save time and deliver real business value. Our clients enjoy an average 95% reduction of IT staff time spent on telecom issues. They also see, on average, 25% savings and full ROI within three months.

OTM Infographic

Telecom Service Procurement

We know telecom. Our deep experience with domestic and international carriers help us anticipate obstacles to service setup. Our project managers reach successful procurement at least 40% faster than working with carrier-assigned project managers alone.

When you work with Digital Direction, you will also be assigned a dedicated Customer Advisor who helps you make informed decisions. They are contract rate and verbiage experts who work to secure you the best price at the most favorable terms. Learn more

Initial Audit

Over years of growth and acquisitions, companies can lose track of what locations they have, what services they are paying for at each location, and where they may be overspending. We create a concise inventory by pulling together invoices, contracts and carrier Customer Service Records (CSRs).

Our experts translate invoicing codes to determine exactly what you are being charged and why. We then create a baseline report that details your total monthly spend and outlines how we intend to employ our services to save you money. Learn more

Inventory Management

Upon completion of an initial audit, we onboard your inventory into our systems for ongoing management. First, we make the savings opportunities uncovered in the audit a reality with disconnects, duplicate service resolutions, contract validations and negotiations, and credit requests. We then continue to manage your inventory and secure your savings with ongoing rate and invoicing validation.

Rate/Invoicing Validation

Digital Direction benchmarks your invoicing rates to industry standard rates by performing regular audits—following the same procedure that we do during your initial audit—to ensure that your service continues to be invoiced correctly. If we find an error in your invoicing, we take the appropriate action to get the issue resolved.

Trouble Ticket Help Desk

We provide a single point of contact for telecom issue resolution to close tickets fast. As your inventory manager, your dedicated Customer Advocate immediately knows which carrier to call and stays on the phone until the issue is resolved.

Depending on your business structure, you can opt for a decentralized help desk, in which all of your locations call us directly, or a centralized help desk, in which you call or email your internal IT department when issues arise. Either way, we close tickets 85% faster than companies dealing directly with carriers.

Invoicing Ticket Help Desk

We also become your single point of contact for all invoicing-related issues. If you, or your accounts payable team, have a question or suspect an errant invoice, your dedicated Customer Advocate will open and manage a ticket with your carrier—saving you hours of time on the phone. When a credit is due, we are persistent—even if it means months of follow up against carrier resistance. Whereas customers typically never see a credit when dealing with carriers directly, we have secured millions of dollars in credits.

Contract Management

Our systems and workflow allow us to manage your contracts. Companies often don’t understand the financial risk they face or why being well versed in contract terms and conditions is so critical to protecting their interests.

We know contracts like the back of our hand and know where to look for risk and exposure threats. Our experts review every client contract that is approaching renewal to get ahead of deadlines, which limit your ability to negotiate the best terms and expose you to financial risk.

Where potential issues are uncovered, we review your objectives, present you with the best options, and take action to mitigate your risk and limit your exposure. Our objectives: manage the lead time and fine print, and help you make the right decision for your company. Learn more

Coordination of Location Moves

Physical location changes become so much more than the standard move, add, change or disconnect (MACD)—they essentially initiate the procurement process all over again. Digital Direction gets ahead of any potential setbacks or delays—such as fiber installation lead times—and manages the project to keep your move on time and budget.

Project Management and Equipment Vendor Arrangements

Carrier-provided project managers are overburdened and, unfortunately, with them, your best interest comes last. If an issue arises, they will stall and delay, or will pass the issue back to your already busy IT department to handle.

Essentially, without the help of our dedicated project managers, your project is going to suffer. Our experienced project managers have decades of experience with domestic and international carriers. They are invested in getting the best outcomes for you and are not afraid to take the right action on your behalf to get things done. If third-party vendors are involved, we also manage those arrangements. Learn more

Robust Reporting

Get the data you want, the way you want to see it. Digital Direction uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide robust reporting on everything from inventory, monthly savings, completed tickets, service orders, and MACDs. We can also drill down to focus on a particular site or location, or a particular service, phone number, carrier or carrier account. Our comprehensive reporting lets you see how we are working for you to save you money.

Dedicated Customer Advisors and Advocates

When you work with Digital Direction, you will be assigned a team of dedicated professionals who are deeply invested in your success. Our Dedicated Customer Advisors are industry veterans with a minimum of 10 years of experience working with carriers, telecom rates and contract negotiation.

Our Dedicated Customer Advocates have decades of telecom experience behind them, and will serve as your single point of contact for trouble tickets, invoicing tickets, and other telecom issues that arise.

For many of our clients, our dedicated customer advisors and advocates quickly become a trusted extension of their in-house staff.