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Telecom Management: TMaaS Offerings

Explore our list of TMaaS options. From inventory and project management to service procurement and contract negotiations, Digital Direction’s roster of individual telecom management services saves our clients time and money. We deliver valuable business tools and information whether it’s ongoing support or just one important project.

Enjoy better results with our industry experience and expertise. Telecom management has never been easy. As technology makes life easier on the end-user, it can make life a lot harder for those managing carriers and costs.

Don’t let the little things add up to big numbers. Explore each of our telecom management services and find the right options that will help your company to save time, money and frustration.



Telecom RFP and Contract Negotiation

Save money and limit risks – let us negotiate terms in your favor


Telecom Service Procurement

We can help you find right carrier at least 40% faster than the competition


Telecom Audit

Eliminate erroneous charges and realize future savings with a complete telecom audit


Telecom Inventory Creation

See a crystal-clear picture of your telecom spend across all of your locations


Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Get a consolidated view of your telecom world and stop the leaks


Telecom Project Management

Let our project managers keep your carriers accountable