Billing Errors Account for at Least 10% of Your Telecom Spend

Telecom Audit - TMaaS

Failing to audit telecom invoices costs companies millions of dollars each year. In CFO magazine, Gartner analyst Eric Goodness said that from what he’s observed, “12 percent to 20 percent of telecom charges are in error – and 85 percent of the errors are in the carrier’s favor.

Furthermore, the depth and complexity of telecom invoices makes their management nearly impossible—especially for large enterprises that receive hundreds or thousands of invoices each month. And, most do not have the time, resources, tools, or proficiency to properly audit their telecom invoices and services.

Digital Direction’s Telecom Audit service takes a consultative dive into the location and service billing data gathered during Inventory Creation and develops a strategy for reducing your monthly telecom spend—beginning with errant billing and waste.

Our audits are designed to:

  • Provide necessary visibility into your telecom billing – by bringing a vast amount of inventory data together into one manageable snapshot
  • Reduce your telecom spend – by identifying actionable opportunities for savings
  • Limit your risk and exposure – by identifying contractual liabilities that should be considered with disconnects

We have recovered over $10 million in one-time credits for our clients.

Digital Direction has the advantage over generic auditing companies because we understand the telecom industry. Our deep industry knowledge, gathered through decades of experience working with domestic and international carriers, enables us to know what to look for and accurately identify opportunities for savings, credits, as well as identifying areas of potential risk.

Professionals who actually manage telecom on a daily basis will handle your audit. These are experts who are well versed in invoice verification, reading a tariff, analyzing billing/CDR data sets and tracking down antiquated ASR to DLR ordering documents and procedures.

Our auditing service comes with a no-risk guarantee – There is no upfront fee for our telecom auditing service. You will only be charged a percentage of recovered credits and a percentage of future savings. If we fail to identify savings opportunities (or you simply choose not to implement them)…you owe us nothing.

During our strategic Telecom Audit, we:

  • Conduct a thorough analysis of your current invoices, contracts and usage, including: local, long distance, and wireless service; Internet access and hosting; directory advertising; and private line and data services. During this phase we will validate invoices and surcharges against your contracts, terms, services records and usage expectations.
  • Identify billing for unused services and flag for cancellation
  • Reduce costs by identifying opportunities to optimize the telecom services being purchased
  • Pinpoint usage waste and recommend policies for reduction
  • Uncover billing errors and refunds due
  • Make recommendations for technology efficiencies and service optimization
  • Complete a detailed analysis of invoices, lines, rates, tariffs, taxes, plans, usage, call volume, systems, and contracts resulting in cost reduction, proper invoicing and optimization of telecommunication systems.

Following the audit, we prepare a detailed report documenting our findings and recommendations. You can then authorize Digital Direction to implement any or all of the agreed upon recommendations on your behalf (or you may choose to take care of the implementation yourself).