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Telecom RFP and Contract Negotiation - TMaaS

Chances are you will be locked into your telecom contract for at least two or three years—a long time if your contract is less than favorable. Yet, most organizations accept the vendor’s standard contract with few modifications to pricing, service level agreements, auto-renewal and early termination terms, delivery time frames and overall accountability, without understanding the crucial liabilities and legal obligations inherent in the fine print.

Digital Direction negotiates rates and terms in your favor, based on independent rate and custom term benchmarking for more than 50 carriers—saving you money and limiting your risk. Our team has decades of experience working with telecom contracts and knows what to look for to limit your exposure.

Key Points of Telecom RFP and Contract Negotiation:

Comprehensive Needs Analysis

Organizations can spend months analyzing their telecom requirements and carrier capabilities before they even begin contract negotiations. Digital Direction reduces this time consuming process to as little as six weeks.

Unlike generic Contract Negotiation or RFP companies, our extensive knowledge of the telecom industry, and comprehensive list of technical and business specifications, help us quickly:

  • Create an Inventory of your vendors and services across your locations
  • Identify your current telecom requirements and future needs
  • Outline services and current cost details to be included in the RFP
  • Take advantage of current technologies and networking trends

Carrier Evaluation & Benchmarking

Digital Direction is continuously benchmarking carriers in order to secure the best rates and terms. Our professionals know what to ask carriers during the RFP process to:

  • Draw out key points of assessment beyond pricing and terms
  • Capture the information you need to choose the right carrier, including: capabilities and limitations, technology efficiencies, implementation processes and timelines, and back-up plans
  • Evaluate carriers on these critical points and make recommendations on who to eliminate and who to consider

RFP Development & Submission

  • Our professionals “speak the carrier’s language” and understand their implementation and installation processes—so every critical detail is clarified and captured in the final proposal.
  • We will manage the telecom RFP submission process with your selected vendors and track their response.

Contract Negotiation

Digital Direction works on your behalf to acquire the most favorable rates and terms from carriers. We:

  • Negotiate for beyond competitive rates based on independent benchmarking
  • Work to secure flexible terms that allow you to modify your services without penalty
  • Detect problem areas unfamiliar to your legal team, like daily oversight, pricing differentials and other addendums.
  • Renegotiate unfavorable legalese to achieve manageable, optimal terms that minimize your risk and exposure
  • Demand the highest Service Level Agreement (SLA) to make it easier to get your services back online
  • Stay abreast of telecom rules and regulations and carrier guides and tariffs to mitigate risks, shield against changing rates and conditions, and hold your carriers accountable

Ongoing Contract & Expense Management

Securing optimal rates and terms through the RFP and Contract Negotiation process is a first step. Digital Direction can also provide ongoing contract management and maintain your negotiated savings with our all-inclusive Outsourced Telecom Management service or our Telecom Expense Management software.