Don’t Pay for Telecom You Don’t Use

Telecom Expense Management - TMaaS

Telecom accounts for nearly half of most companies IT budgets, and enterprise corporations waste millions of dollars each year in telecom billing errors – in both wireline and wireless services.

Gartner estimates that 14% of telecom charges are in error. That comes out to more than $16 million lost to telecom billing errors each year. For mid-marketing enterprises, telecom spending averages $26 million a year. This still means that more than $3.6 million is lost each year to telecom billing errors.

Most companies cannot spend the time and budget dollars, nor possess the complex carrier intelligence it takes to identify out-of-control invoicing. However, it is the best place to look for efficiencies and savings opportunities.

Digital Direction’s Telecom Expense Management (TEM) platform is a tool for enterprise companies who want to manage their inventory and billing information. The software provides a consolidated view of your telecom world for easier management and data-informed decision making.

Just One Bill: Saving Time & Costs

TEM is a cloud-based software that houses each client’s full inventory and billing information so that you can see exactly which services you’re getting and for which they’re paying. It’s not uncommon for a company to have more than 300 different carrier bills, both wireline and wireless. Our clients enjoy having a single repository for all of their telecom bills, and having only one check to write. This visibility and simplicity makes it easier to manage your budget, save time and costs.


Screenshots showing Overview page - with Monthly Snapshot by service, by department, and with invoice summary.

Our TEM tool can help you consolidate invoices and reduce staff time. With TEM, customers can log in to see a clear picture of their telecom world for voice, data and mobility, which includes all inventory, billing and reporting. TEM provides invoice/contract validation and consolidation, contract expiration and renewal date alerts and inventory and asset management.


Screenshots showing Invoices section – invoice view, invoices by people, by vendor, by cost center, and by cost center detail.

Quickly Resolve Billing

Errors Digital Direction also identifies and handles carrier over-billing quickly and painlessly. We understand carrier costs and do not believe that carriers should earn interest on your money while dragging out billing disputes for months. Our experience with solving billing disputes saves our clients both money and frustration.


 Screenshots showing Save section – including recommendations, disputes, and dispute detail views.

Demonstrable Cost Savings & Reporting

We firmly believe in proven results. Our clients receive quarterly reports that show them how much telecom work we have accomplished and, more importantly, the measurable cost savings. With our reporting, clients can clearly see a breakdown by provider, location, general ledger and more.


Screenshots showing Save section – with annualized savings.

Additionally, we provide clients with more than 40 standard automated reports, automated exception generation, an ad hoc inventory and invoice grid, and cross tab reports. Our reports are exportable into a number of electronic formats.


Screenshots showing Analyze section – with trending dashboard.


Screenshots showing detail from Analyze Dashboard – with savings and spend charts.

One Expense Management Service for both Wireline and Wireless

Companies use wireline and wireless telecom in concert, every day. So why should they require two completely different services? Digital Direction’s Telecom Expense Management covers both wireline and wireless.

Our customers get the service they need in both worlds, while saving time and money:

Wireline TEM

Digital Direction TEM focuses on wireline services that include:

  • Tracking expenses for voice lines, data circuits and equipment
  • Finding invoices for closed locations
  • Understanding costs of lines and equipment for each location
  • Ensuring that carriers meet service level agreements (SLAs)

TEM can also help with audits to recover funds from vendors who were paid for unused or disconnected service, keeping track of expiration dates, finding better rates and project management.

Wireless TEM

Digital Direction TEM focuses on wireless services that include:

  • Identifying duplicate charges
  • Ensuring waived termination and activation fees were not invoiced
  • Checking that one-time fees are billed properly
  • Monitoring fees related to downloads, ringtones and third-party vendors
  • Managing roaming costs
mobile data - the biggest telecom expense

Additionally, our TEM can help with saving on voice, messaging and data plans, identify excessive use, flag policy violations and help manage pooled minutes. This can be especially helpful as more employees use their own devices for company work.

70 percent of employees

Outsourced Telecom Management

TEM also positions you to take advantage of our Outsourced Telecom Management (OTM), our all-inclusive telecom management service that makes Digital Direction an extension of your staff. You gain a team of experienced professionals and still maximize ROI—our services are cost justified because they save you money.