Get a clear picture of your telecom spend

Telecom Inventory Creation - TMaaS

Large organizations can receive thousands of voice, data, mobile and data center bills each month. With hundreds of locations across the country and around the world, these companies often have no accurate account of exactly what telecom services they have and where they reside. Without a comprehensive inventory, they lack a clear picture of how much they are paying and why.

We Gather the Facts For You

Digital Direction’s Telecom Inventory Creation provides a complete inventory of your existing telecom services across all locations. We collect and itemize location and service data, bills and contracts, so that you can see what telecom services you are paying for to help you decide the services you want to keep (or eliminate).

To create an inventory, Digital Direction works closely with your IT department, Accounts Payable, Procurement, and other departments. We also order bills, contracts, and service records from your carriers. We essentially do the legwork that is too time-intensive and convoluted for most companies to handle themselves, and position you to take cost-saving action or prepare for a network conversion project.

Telecom Inventory Creation is an essential first step in gaining visibility and control of telecom expenses.

From visibility to action. Once your inventory is created, we can conduct a Strategic Telecom Audit, which analyzes your inventory data to uncover errant billing and cost savings opportunities—to reduce your monthly bill and obtain carrier credits.

Ongoing telecom management. Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) platform is a tool for enterprise companies who want to manage their own inventory and billing information. The software provides a consolidated view of your telecom world for easier management and data-informed decision making.

Inventory creation also positions you to take advantage of Outsourced Telecom Management (OTM), our all-inclusive telecom management service that makes Digital Direction an extension of your staff. You gain a team of experienced professionals and still maximize ROI—our services are cost justified from the money we save you.