Experienced Project Management

Telecom Project Management - TMaaS

Digital Direction’s Telecom Project Management helps clients eliminate the time and waste that can accompany carrier-led telecom implementation projects for both wired and wireless carriers.

Overburdened carrier-assigned project managers are naturally attendant to the carrier’s priorities. Digital Direction’s project managers are naturally attendant to your implementation priorities. We understand carrier workflows and anticipate implementation and migration pitfalls. Unlike the carrier-assigned project manager, our project managers have the time to focus on your specific needs. Our team effectively becomes your team, thinking and working for you.

We Set the Timelines & Solve Dilemmas

Our expert staff of project managers averages 26 years of telecommunication experience with domestic and international carriers. We understand carrier implementation workflows and have deep experience in global, wide-area network implementation projects across multiple countries. Your Digital Direction project manager sets your timeline and creates your project’s “playbook” – not the carrier.

While most companies are accustomed to frequent carrier implementation road bumps and delays, it doesn’t make it acceptable. Our deep familiarity with different carriers lets us anticipate possible problems and solve implementation dilemmas before they halt your timeline. Since we are aware of each of their implementation practices, we hold carriers responsible and use our deep industry knowledge and expertise to anticipate potential setbacks and keep your project on time and on budget.

Digital Direction Project Management At-A-Glance

What We Do:

  • Manage all moves, adds, deletes and changes with all carriers.
  • See all orders through to completion, including demark extension.
  • Provide third-party vendor equipment arrangements.
  • Meet all deadlines to gain time and efficiency for your team.

How We Do It:

  • Provide clients with seasoned industry experts.
  • Give clients “old fashioned” customer service.
  • Keep looking ahead to stay ahead of project pitfalls.
  • Use our inside knowledge to hold carriers accountable.