The Perfect Voice & Data Fit

Telecom Service Procurement - TMaaS

Making sure you have the right voice and data carrier and service is complex and time consuming – so consulting with the right telecom experts is crucial. Digital Direction has decades of Telecom Service Procurement experience that gives us a behind-the-scenes edge when procuring the right voice and data services for your business. We also accomplish it 40% faster than companies that work solely with carrier-assigned project managers.

Advice, Consultation & Negotiation

Securing voice and data services often requires extensive research of carrier and data center options in unfamiliar geographic territories. Companies frequently find out too late that relying on carrier-assigned account teams and solutions can mean being stuck with services that just do not fit.

Digital Direction has teams of seasoned telecom experts who have logged decades of hours working on the carrier side of the industry. They know the details of each carrier’s solutions by state, region, and country, and know how to procure and implement the plans that best suit your business now and in the future.

Because of our experienced advisors, Digital Direction knows carrier processes and price points, and will customize contracts to mitigate future risk and exposure. We perform ongoing regional carrier and rate analysis to secure our clients the best price on the most favorable terms. We have negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts and completed tens of thousands of telecom transactions.

Streamlined Processes, Faster Service

As part of our Telecom Service Procurement services, our project managers are committed to streamlining processes and bypassing typical carrier delays. We often have the answers to questions our clients wouldn’t even know to ask. Plus, you don’t have to wait days or weeks for start dates from carrier-assigned project managers. Our project managers follow-up frequently and hold carriers accountable to make sure deadlines are met.

Digital Direction consults with clients to find the right services for their business needs – both obvious and hidden. From system reliability and backup to cost and future growth, our team will give you a clear map of what to expect. We ensure that your deadlines are met whether you’re involved with every step, or just want high-level visibility.

The Right Experts, the Right Solutions

The only way to deliver unmatched service and experience is with a unique team of seasoned industry professionals. With a 15 to 30 years in the telecom industry, our expert advisors have all worked for top domestic and international carriers. Their behind-the-scenes insight is a great benefit for our clients.

Our team mixes old-fashioned customer service with streamlined processes and forward-thinking expertise to find our clients the best solutions – now and in the future. For example, we’re going to make sure the solutions you are using now will work well with future industry changes.