Our people solve complex and difficult problems so you can run your business

We Save Clients 25%

With our help, Digital Direction’s clients typically save 25% on their overall telecom spend.

Less Churning, Fewer Hours

Save a shockingly high number of hours by slowing the “churn” time it takes your staff to deal with telecom issues. Your smartest people should be working on your core projects, not churning away time chasing telecom issues.

Measurable Operational Efficiency

Our experience, technology, and processes will provide you with increased quality, reliability, and lower costs.

Hassle-Free Expense Management

Our proactive, continuous approach to new and existing services optimizes your spend with measurable results.

A Single Point of Contact

You deal with a single partner who can bring a local level of service and a global perspective, reducing time and administration burden with everything from vendor management to meeting legal and regulatory requirements.

The Flexibility Today’s Telecom World Needs

We can take responsibility for all or any part of your telecom infrastructure for voice, data and video - either regionally or worldwide.

Significant Satisfaction Improvement

You can improve productivity and make life easier for your employees and customers by using our experts who have 15 to 30 years of service with ILEC and IXC operations backgrounds.

We Close Tickets 85% Faster

When companies use Digital Direction to manage their telecom, they see that we close problem tickets 85% faster than companies who deal directly with the carrier.

We Implement Projects 40% Faster

Actually, we implement projects at least 40% faster. Our team of experts has decades of experience with telecom carriers and know how to get and keep the ball rolling.

Clients Have 1 Point of Contact

You deal with a single partner who can bring a local level of service and a global perspective, reducing time and administration burden.

Proven, Measured ROI in 3 Months

Putting your telecom management in the hands of our seasoned experts saves you money from recovered billing errors, freeing your team to focus on business and more. You’ll see a solid ROI within 3 months.

Our Customer Retention Rate is 98%

It doesn’t take our clients long to realize how much time and money they are saving using Digital Direction’s Telecom Management services. Our customers appreciate our value.

We’re the Office-Move Experts

Digital Direction has facilitated, coordinated and managed the move of over 100 corporate offices. We see potential headaches and stop them in their tracks.

Big Impact Projects

We implemented Telecom Management Services for a presidential campaign, where we negotiated national agreements, ordered voice and data services, provided telecom management, and disconnected voice and data services in more than 300 separate regional, state, and satellite grassroots locations.

Negotiating Experience on Both Sides of the Table

Digital Direction’s negotiation experts use their decades of experience with major carriers to negotiate the most favorable rates, terms and conditions.