Truly All-Inclusive Telecom Management

Why Choose Us

Most outsourced telecom services offer just negotiation and contractual services but disappear once the contract is signed. We think there’s a better approach, and our satisfied customers agree. Digital Direction’s holistic view and deep knowledge of telecom, and all it encompasses, takes our services far beyond contracts. We offer a truly all-inclusive approach.

Digital Direction tackles everything telecom — including ordering, contract negotiation, billing, inventory management, invoice consolidation, expense management, procurement, trouble tickets, project management, and more.

Our Experienced Experts Are On Your Side

In an industry where the term “experts” is overused and abused, we assign the term with the utmost confidence to our team members. Digital Direction’s unique team of highly experienced telecom experts puts us in a class of our own. Our seasoned professionals have each worked for big name carriers (e.g. AT&T) for 15 to 30 years, and know the ins-and-outs of how to make things happen fast. In fact, the Digital Direction team has — valuable experience you won’t find at any other outsourced telecom group on the planet.

Telecom management success hinges on working with the right people. Our team approach delivers first-class telecom management. Each month, our team negotiates millions of dollars of contracts, and we have completed tens of thousands of telecom transactions.

Digital Direction Gets Results

Given our vast experience and industry know-how, our positive impact on our clients’ businesses is dramatic. With Digital Direction, our clients:

  • typically save 25% on overall telecom spend
  • closed tickets 85% faster than when they dealt directly with carriers
  • enjoy how our Project Managers complete projects at least 40% faster than working with only carrier-assigned representatives
  • save an exponential number of hours in telecom “churn” time each month/year — allowing them to work on their company’s core projects