About Us

We manage and solve telecom problems. You get to focus on your business.

Nobody else has our holistic, everything telecom approach.

We think there’s a better approach to managing telecom and our satisfied customers agree. Our holistic view and deep knowledge allows us to offer a truly all-inclusive approach; Managed Telecom Solution (MTS).

Digital Direction tackles everything telecom — including ordering, contract negotiation, billing, inventory management, invoice consolidation, expense management, procurement, trouble tickets, project management, and more. We serve both wireline and wireless under one comprehensive solution to streamline your company’s telecommunications. In fact, clients’ IT leadership teams have told us many times that we give them two things that are hard to come by: more time and peace of mind.

A team of telecom experts on your side.

In an industry where the term “experts” is overused, we assign the term with the utmost confidence to our team members. Digital Direction’s unique team of highly experienced telecom experts puts us in a class of our own. Each year, our team negotiates millions of dollars of contracts and completes tens of thousands of telecom transactions. Our roster of experts are pros who have worked with a majority of both domestic and international carriers and providers, and with a lengthy experience managing Fortune 500 customers. We only hire the very best people. You simply won’t find a more dedicated and driven team to manage your telecom.

30 Minutes to Savings


Our people solve complex and difficult problems so you can run your business.

Our clients typically save 35% of telecom spend.

With less churning, teams return to core business.

We drive measurable ROI in 3 months.

We deliver measurable operational efficiency.

We close billing and trouble tickets 90% faster.

We implement projects 40% faster than others.

Get iron-clad contracts with favorable terms.

We can easily match your organization’s large scale.

Our customer retention rate is consistently at 98%.

Limit risk with our industry experts on your side.

We provide clients with just one point of contact.

We are the office move experts. 

Companies Love Digital Direction

Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) = 95

 The average in the Software Industry NPS = 52 Cloud and Hosting = 45

 Retently 2021 NPS Benchmarks for B2b

Digital Direction has the world-class telecom solutions you need. Contact us today to see how we can help you!