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Choose from our broad selection of Professional Telecom Services to fit your specific needs.

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Our Professional Telecom Services are a great alternative for companies that only need one-time telecom management assistance. From new installations and implementations to audits, Digital Direction has the perfect solution for you.

Telecom Audit & Inventory Build

Quarterly Mobile Optimization

Telecom Service Procurement & Contract Negotiations

Telecom Project Management

Message from Our CEO

Telecom is both a challenging and amazing industry. We set out 22 years ago to craft the perfect solutions for these challenges. Over two decades later, we’ve built many longstanding relationships, saved hundreds of millions, and continue to empower our clients for sustained success.


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Trouble Ticket Help Desk

Why Choose Digital Direction's TEM?

We offer a 24/7 centralized cloud-based platform with advanced data intelligence allowing your teams to focus on strategic decision making.

Comprehensive Solution

Our TrackTEM software covers all aspects of your IT network, including voice, data, mobile, SaaS, and cloud spend, providing a comprehensive TEM solution.

Expert Support

Access a team of telecom experts who provide guidance, quick resolution, and assistance to optimize your telecom expenses.

Expert Support

Advanced Data Intelligence

Our 24/7 cloud-based platform offers advanced data intelligence, empowering strategic decision-making based on real-time insights and analytics.

Advanced Data Intelligence

Streamlined Processes

Automation and streamlined workflows simplify bill processing, payment management, and expense validation, saving time and effort.

Streamlined Processes

Why Companies Love Digital Direction

Experience Optimal Telecom Management Services

Key TrackTEM Features

  • 24/7 centralized data analytics across entire IT spend.
  • Single source of record for effective inventory and expense management.
  • Automated invoice processing and streamlined bill payment services.
  • Variance reporting for identification of billing errors or credit opportunities.
  • Invoice cost allocation and expense validation.

Key TEM Benefits

  • All basic services included.
  • Invoice, inventory, and contract validation.
  • Billing dispute resolution.
  • Contract management.
  • Service procurement, inventory management (MACD).
  • Project management.
  • First and last bill reviews.
  • Interactive & real-time billing tickets.
  • Interactive & real-time trouble tickets.
Experience Optimal Telecom Management Services

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