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Managed Telecom Solutions: End the Complexity

All-inclusive Managed Telecom Solution. Let our industry experts drive better and faster results for you.

Turnkey Managed Telecom Solution (MTS)

Our turnkey Managed Telecom Solution (MTS) delivers real business value. We bring world-class expertise to manage every aspect of the telecom lifecycle for our clients – from service procurement and contract negotiations to ongoing inventory and project management.

Clients leverage our expertise to transform business processes and accelerate IT adoption and innovation.

On average our clients enjoy 35% savings and over 90% reduction of IT staff time spent on day-to day telecom; affording them greater strategic flexibility and faster time to market.

Order Management

Telecom Service Procurement

Our deep experience with carriers helps us anticipate obstacles, allowing us to reach successful procurement at least 40% faster than working with carrier-assigned project managers alone. Plus, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Advisor who is a contract rate and verbiage expert and who will work to secure the best price at the most favorable terms.

Project Management and Equipment Vendor Arrangements

Carrier-provided project managers may be overburdened and your best interest may not be theirs. Our experienced project managers are invested in getting the best outcomes for you. If third-party vendors are involved, we also manage those arrangements.

Coordination of Location Moves

Physical location changes become so much more than the standard move, add, change or disconnect (MACD)—as they essentially initiate the procurement process all over again. Digital Direction gets ahead of any potential setbacks or delays—such as fiber installation lead times—and manages the project to keep your move on time and within budget.

Inventory Creation

Over years of growth and acquisitions, companies can lose track of what locations they have, what services they are paying for at each location, and where they may be overspending. We create a concise inventory by pulling together invoices, contracts and carrier Customer Service Records (CSRs).

Ongoing Operations

Comprehensive Audit Services

Our experts translate invoicing codes to determine exactly what you are being charged and why. We then create a baseline report that details your total monthly spend and outline how we intend to employ our services to save you money. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to accurately identify savings, credits, as well as potential risks.

Rate/Invoicing Validation

Digital Direction benchmarks your invoicing rates to industry standard rates by performing regular audits—following the same procedure that we do during your initial audit—to ensure that your service continues to be invoiced correctly. If we find an error in your invoicing, we take the appropriate action to get the issue resolved.

Trouble Ticket Help Desk

You can opt for a decentralized help desk, in which all of your locations call us directly, or a centralized help desk, in which your internal IT department notifies us when issues arise. Either way, your dedicated Customer Advocate from Digital Direction will close your tickets 90% faster than if you deal directly with carriers. We’ll stay on the phone until the issue is resolved satisfactorily, and let you get back to your core job.

Invoicing Ticket Help Desk

Let us be your single point of contact for all invoice-related issues. If there is a possible errant invoice, your dedicated Customer Advocate will open and manage a ticket with your carrier—saving you hours of time on the phone. When a credit is due, we are persistent—even if it means months of follow up. We have secured millions of dollars in credits for our clients.

Comprehensive Audit Services

After an audit, we onboard your inventory into our systems for ongoing management. First, we’ll realize the savings opportunities uncovered in the audit with disconnects, duplicate service resolutions, invoice validations and negotiations, and credit requests. Then, we’ll manage your inventory and secure your savings with ongoing rate and invoicing validation.

Data Analytics

Digital Direction provides robust and real-time reporting allowing you to make informed and timely IT decisions.

Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management

Our experience and carrier knowledge enables us to identify contract risk and exposure. Our experts proactively review every client contract approaching renewal to get ahead of deadlines, so there is adequate time to negotiate industry best terms. Where potential issues are uncovered, we present you with the best options, and take action to mitigate your risk and limit your exposure. Our objectives: manage the lead time and fine print, and help you make the right decision for your company.

Make Telecom Services and Billing Work for You

“By managing all our locations, Digital Direction has been able to identify unnecessary redundancy, reduce costs, manage Telco inventory and consolidate carrier billing, which allows us to focus on customer needs.”

– Global Leader in Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Oral Health Care Products

Average amount our risk-free process saves on telecom bills.
Recovered Savings & Credits
our solution drives measurable ROI
of most company telecom invoices contain billing errors
faster than internal teams, Digital Direction moves.

Did you know that 80% of all telecom bills contain errors?

We do — and we’re the best in the biz at finding them and getting discounts & credits from carriers to make it right

  • Telecom Professionals On Your Side
  • Reduced Service Disruptions
  • Streamlined Invoicing /Billing
  • Process Flow Simplification

Message from Our CEO

Telecom is both a challenging and amazing industry. We set out 22 years ago to craft the perfect solutions for these challenges. Over two decades later, we’ve built many longstanding relationships, saved hundreds of millions, and continue to empower our clients for sustained success.


Recovered Savings & Credits
NPS Rating
Trouble Ticket Help Desk

Why Choose Digital Direction's TEM?

We offer a 24/7 centralized cloud-based platform with advanced data intelligence allowing your teams to focus on strategic decision making.

Comprehensive Solution

Our TrackTEM software covers all aspects of your IT network, including voice, data, mobile, SaaS, and cloud spend, providing a comprehensive TEM solution.

Expert Support

Access a team of telecom experts who provide guidance, quick resolution, and assistance to optimize your telecom expenses.

Expert Support

Advanced Data Intelligence

Our 24/7 cloud-based platform offers advanced data intelligence, empowering strategic decision-making based on real-time insights and analytics.

Advanced Data Intelligence

Streamlined Processes

Automation and streamlined workflows simplify bill processing, payment management, and expense validation, saving time and effort.

Streamlined Processes

Why Companies Love Digital Direction

Experience Optimal Telecom Management Services

Key TrackTEM Features

  • 24/7 centralized data analytics across entire IT spend.
  • Single source of record for effective inventory and expense management.
  • Automated invoice processing and streamlined bill payment services.
  • Variance reporting for identification of billing errors or credit opportunities.
  • Invoice cost allocation and expense validation.

Key TEM Benefits

  • All basic services included.
  • Invoice, inventory, and contract validation.
  • Billing dispute resolution.
  • Contract management.
  • Service procurement, inventory management (MACD).
  • Project management.
  • First and last bill reviews.
  • Interactive & real-time billing tickets.
  • Interactive & real-time trouble tickets.

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