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Our Professional Telecom Services are a great alternative for companies that only need one-time telecom management assistance. From new installations and implementations to audits, Digital Direction has the perfect solution for you.

Telecom Audit & Inventory Build

Eliminate erroneous charges and realize future savings with a comprehensive, no-risk telecom audit.


  • Exposes incorrect rates and billing errors. 
  • Implement correct and best available rates.
  • Obtain refunds for billing overages.
  • Create and deliver a precise and detailed billing inventory for all of your telecom services.
  • Realize billing assurance, cost optimizations, and gain detailed visibility across your telecom environment.
  • Achieve on average 35% cost savings faster with Digital Direction.

Times have changed. Freeing up money has become a critical task to fund business needs. The good news? Digital Direction’s telecom and mobility expense audit experts know just where to look for savings and they can find them faster and with more accuracy than anyone else in the industry.

Our 20 years of experience has proven that a company’s telecom is typically filled with errors, overcharges, and duplicate services. Most companies aren’t aware they are overspending given how convoluted telecom billing and contracts have gotten. While organizations typically seek out a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution to mitigate ongoing billing issues, our experience has shown that starting with an Audit and Inventory build is the best first step to implementing an ongoing and effective TEM solution.

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Telecom Audit & Inventory At-A-Glance

  • We scrutinize every line item billed against contracts and inventory to identify errors.
  • We find under-utilized/over-utilized services.
  • We provide a comprehensive mobility rate plan analysis.
  • We implement and project manage all approved rate and service adjustments to 100% completion.
  • We conduct 1st bill reviews to verify accurate implementation by the carrier, a step commonly missed by other auditing firms.
  • We provide a comprehensive billing inventory for every telecom asset.
  • Your team can focus on your critical business needs.
  • Quarterly Mobile Optimization

    Let us review your company’s full mobile spend and we’ll optimize it on a regular basis.


    • Secure cost savings and ongoing cost avoidance with continued mobile optimization.
    • Allow for greater cost avoidance and lower monthly expenses.
    • Eliminate zero usage devices and minimize over-usage in real time.
    • Rely on a proven process to identify and correct mobile billing errors.
    • Rely on cost assurance month over month.

    Mobile devices have become a critical component of workplace communication solutions. It’s time to pay attention to mobility utilization and billing for these services. Mobile invoicing is complex and you may be over-paying for services based on ever-changing user activity. Digital Direction’s quarterly Mobile Optimization can ensure you get the mobile service you truly need and be billed accurately for it.

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    Mobile Optimization At-A-Glance

    • Ensure billing accuracy with ongoing quarterly invoice audit & rate plan optimizations.
    • Quarterly rate plan and pool analysis.
    • Usage review; including zero usage and over-usage analysis.
    • Recover credits for mobile billing errors.
    • Deploy usage alerts and reset the pool based on user activity.
    • We will ensure carrier implementation of rate plan and optimization findings.

    Telecom Service Procurement & Contract Negotiations

    Our 20 years of industry knowledge in all major service provider solutions means we can determine the best IT solutions for you.  

    PMP + Industry Veterans = Time Saved, Trust and Savings


    • We help vet your consideration list based on the optimal technology and services that meet your requirements.
    • We leverage our knowledge database to bring you the most competitive rates and solutions.
    • We understand the market and negotiate the best possible price.
    • We assign a PMP-certified Project Manager to manage all new orders to completion; driving faster and smoother implementations.
    • Our Project Manager takes on the bulk of the order and implementation process, saving you significant time to focus on other core initiatives.
    • Upon installation of a new service, our team performs a first bill review to ensure invoice accuracy. If there is a problem, we solve it. We also do a last bill review of any outgoing services.

    Digital Direction has decades of Telecom service procurement experience that gives us an edge when procuring the right voice, data, and mobility services for your business needs. We deliver results 40% faster and ensure industry best of breed services. We also accomplish it 40% faster than companies that work solely with carrier-assigned project managers as we are able to dedicate our project management to your needs.

    We’ll partner with you to negotiate a contract with the most favorable terms.


    • We negotiate the best and most favorable terms and conditions leveraging our in-house repository of carrier terms and conditions.
    • We leverage our team’s extensive carrier experience to give you faster contract execution, ordering, and service implementation.
    • We take a holistic approach to understand your short and long-term business objectives to ensure the negotiated agreement is in your best interest, not the carriers.
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    Telecom Service Procurement At-A-Glance

    • Conduct extensive research of options to determine the best solution.
    • Customize contracts to mitigate future risk and exposure.
    • Ensure the solutions will work well with future industry changes.
    • Streamline processes and bypass carrier delays and ensure deadlines are met.

      Contract Negotiation At-A-Glance


      • Negotiate for competitive rates based on our independent benchmarking.
      • Secure flexible terms to allow future modification without penalty.
      • Identify issues unfamiliar to most legal teams, like daily oversight and pricing differentials.
      • Demand the highest Service Level Agreement (SLA) to reduce downtime.

      Digital Direction can also provide ongoing contract management and maintain your negotiated savings with our all-inclusive Outsourced Telecom Management service or our Telecom Expense Management software.

      Telecom Project Management

      Leverage our project management team to keep your carriers accountable and your projects on time.


      • Seasoned industry project managers who know how to get things done with the carriers will free up your teams’ resources for other business-critical needs.
      • Improve end-user satisfaction with a defined communication plan to keep teams aligned and focused.
      • Make sure your next technology project is on time and under budget.

      When you work with Digital Direction, you will be assigned a team of dedicated professionals who are deeply invested in your success. They are industry veterans with years of experience working with carriers, telecom rates and contract negotiation. They will be your single point of contact and will quickly become a trusted extension of your in-house staff. There is a reason why our customer satisfaction is 98%, we only hire the very best in the industry.

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      Project Management At-A-Glance

      • Seasoned industry experts who deliver the highest levels of customer service.
      • Manage all moves, adds, changes, and disconnects with all carriers.
      • Manage all orders through to completion, keeping vendors on schedule.
      • Provide third-party vendor equipment arrangements.
      • Meet all deadlines to gain time and efficiency for your team.
      • We understand in detail carrier workflows and escalation paths, helping you to avoid potential pitfalls during project implementation.

      “Digital Direction assists us in managing all current and new carrier contracts. Their expertise and proven best practices have ultimately translated to huge savings for us.”

      ~MIS Director, Global Leader in Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Oral Health Care Products

      “This is what good looks like.  Thank you! “We are extremely pleased with how this project is going so far, and the proactive nature of Jackie and your PM team”

      “Lastly, I would like to tell Laura and the entire team at Digital Direction, thank you for their assistance and diligence with this project.  We could not have been successful in this regard without their expertise and professionalism.”

      ~Sr. IT Leader – Fortune 500 Manufacturer