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Case studies

Delivering Cost Savings and Improving Operations for a Fortune 200 Manufacturer through Managed Telecom Solutions

This manufacturer with over 300 domestic and international locations engaged us to improve efficiencies in their global network. A full audit, inventory baseline, and cost-efficiencies project that delivered substantial savings. Soon after we implemented the new network design. See the results.

How Our “Audit Your TEM” Practice Saved This Company Millions In The First Year

Delivering Excellence in Telecom Auditing and $6M in Savings for a Leading Healthcare Provider.

How Our Telecom Management Solution Helped a $45 Billion Company Grow

Leading Financial Institution Forms Lasting Partnership in Telecom Management While Saving Over $7M in Telecom Expenses.

WAN Upgrade Boosts Speed and Lowers Costs

A Well-Executed RFP Helps BorgWarner Find the Right Telecommunications Carrier.

How Managed Telecom Services Helped Samtec Grow

Samtec Used Our Outsourced Telecom Offering (Managed Telecom Services) To Grow Their Business Successfully.

“Digital Direction came to us with a new service that could get us more bandwidth for the same price. Knowing about this will help us choose the best option for the next three years.”

~Director of Information Technology of an $800 Million Global Manufacturing Company