Our Solutions

For over 20 years, Digital Direction has revolutionized the telecom services industry by bringing telecom management professional services to market. Digital Direction is not a software, not a call center, but rather a team of true experts who can handle both one-off telecom challenges as well as daily telecom management, depending upon your needs.

Digital Direction’s services are delivered by teams with a depth of knowledge not found elsewhere, which means that our service pays for itself time and time again.

Managed Telecom Solution (MTS)

All-inclusive telecom management. Let the industry experts drive better results for you.

With our Managed Telecom Solution (MTS), the only all-inclusive telecom management service in the category, you’ll gain a team of experts to handle all aspects of your telecom for you. You’ll have a team of experienced professionals to fully maximize ROI and deliver results—our professional services are more than cost justified given the time and financial savings found.

Managed Telecom Solution - 1. Order Management - 2. Ongoing Operations - 3. Lifecycle

Professional Telecom Services

Explore our list of available offerings.

Our Professional Telecom Services is a great alternative for companies that only need one-time telecom management assistance. From new installations and implementations to audits, Digital Direction has the perfect solution for you.


Telecom Audit & Inventory Build

Eliminate erroneous charges and realize future savings with a no-risk telecom audit.

Quarterly Mobile Optimization

Let us review your company’s full mobile usage and we’ll optimize it on a regular basis.


Service Procurement & Contract Negotiation

We’ll help you find the right carrier and will negotiate terms in your favor.


Telecom Project Management Services

Let our project managers keep your carriers accountable and your projects on time.

When you work with Digital Direction, you will be assigned a team of dedicated professionals who are deeply invested in your success. They are industry veterans with years of experience working with carriers, telecom rates and contract negotiation. They will be your single point of contact and will quickly become a trusted extension of your in-house staff. There is a reason why our customer satisfaction is 98%, we only hire the very best in the industry.

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Control and manage your IT expenses ongoing with Digital Direction’s cloud-based Telecom Expense Management solution. 

Gain clear visibility across your entire IT network while leveraging automation to streamline bill processing and payment. Digital Direction can help transform your business processes and optimize your cost savings. 

We offer a 24/7 centralized cloud-based platform with advanced data intelligence allowing your teams to focus on strategic decision making.  Our TEM solutions provide a faster return on investment with an average of upfront 35% cost savings.