Telecom Audits Drive Significant Savings

The Digital Direction Guarantee: If We Can’t Identify Savings, You Owe Us Nothing!

We can save you 35% on your telecom audits without switching carriers

Our 20 years of experience have shown us that a company’s telecom is typically filled with errors, overcharges, and duplicate services.

We find errors EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Most companies aren’t even aware that they are overspending, thanks to increasingly convoluted telecom billing and contracts. 

Our audits do not cost you anything. So, what are you waiting for?


    • Provide comprehensive baseline inventory
    • Ensure 100% billing accuracy
    • Recover credits for errors found
    • Mobile optimization / Rate plan analysis
    • Utilization review to ensure appropriate usage
    • Savings guarantee: If we fail to identify savings, you owe us nothing

    Achieve a singular view across voice, data, mobility, and cloud with a Digital Direction telecom bill audit. Our systematic and proven process drives results for proper telecom inventory management. Recover considerable money for your IT budget, optimize services and correct your rates, and limit unnecessary risk and exposure once and for all.

    Telecom Audits

    Audit Process Step 1: GATHER

    Customer input is critical in early phases of your telecom audit

    • Invoices are collected from your AP, portals, and carrier account teams
    • Telecom contracts, addendums, and guides are compiled
    • Customer service records are obtained

    Audit Process Step 2: GENERATE

    Step two covers baseline inventory creation and the kickoff of your detailed telecommunications audit

    • Analyze bills/contracts to build inventory. Service types, addresses, speeds, costs, and contract dates along with CSRs, utilization reports, and carrier inventories
    • Validate bills against CSRs, contracts, and inventories
    • Flag opportunities and determine action plan for savings

     Audit Process Step 3: AUDIT

    One word: SAVINGS

    • Negotiate and production of savings by credit requests, renewals, new contracts, migrations,

    • and disconnects
    • Leverage disparate services and agreements for larger discounts
    • Engage competitive carriers and account teams for quotes

     Audit Process Step 4: VALIDATION

    The final step of the telecom audit process is an important one. All findings are implemented to achieve results!

    • Place order disconnect requests and manage through to completion
    • Execute contracts and manage through to completion by validating bills for credits and correct charges
    • Update your inventory to reflect new information, re-engaging and escalating when necessary