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Digital Direction knows telecom, and we deliver industry-best results. Our 60-day risk-free audit tackles the complex and confusing world of managed telecom solutions and uncovers significant savings while streamlining results. Stay competitive with the help of lower monthly expenses, smarter tech stacks, and unparalleled expertise.

What Do I Get In My Telecom Audit?

Comprehensive Rate Analysis

In our comprehensive rate analysis, you receive a complete inventory of every telecom component billed against your invoices.

Rate and Service Adjustments

All rate and service adjustments are managed to completion, allowing you to see our work and cost reductions in action.

1st Bill Review

We conduct a 1st bill review to verify accurate implementation by the carrier; a step that other auditors miss.

Our risk-free telecom audit is the original disruptor in the industry; we invented the concept of managed telecom solutions. That’s why only Digital Direction can save upwards of 35% for every one of our clients on their telecom spend. You’ll see immediate results and enjoy our excellent customer service; our experts know telecommunications and do their work with passion. Save exponential time and money with the original innovators at Digital Direction. 

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Clients save 35% of telecom spend on average

Project implementation is 40% faster than the competition

Digital Direction solutions drive measurable ROI in 3 months