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See Telecom HQ Designs in Action

Gain Time & Efficiency

90%+ reduction in time on trouble tickets, billing and invoice payment

Eliminate invoice acquisition, loading, validation and processing

100% reduction in time on resolving billing errors



Average 35% reduction on Telecom Spend

Improved negotiations & rate bench-marking

Eliminate duplicate billing

Cost avoidance with ongoing Telecom Expense Management



Reallocate internal resources for more strategic innovation

Eliminate time-wasting churn / offset escalation management / 40% reduction in project completion

Enhance operational excellence with PM support for all orders, installations, and MACDs through completion


Limit Risk & Exposure

Mitigate scope, security risks and ensure measurable operational compliance and efficiency

Easier to scale WAN and various network infrastructure changes

Be confident with guaranteed results


Industry Case Studies

Leading Midwest Healthcare System

Saved over $6 million
(41% savings)


  • $4.2 million in annual savings
  • $2.3 million in one-time credits
  • 199 locations
  • 388 invoices

Leading Healthcare Service Company in Midwest

Saved over $1 million
(19% saved)


  • $1.3 million in annual savings
  • $130k in one-time credits
  • 177 locations
  • 314 invoices

Leading Manufacturing Company

Saved nearly $1 million
(42% saved)


  • $565k in annual savings
  • $240k in one-time credits
  • 58 locations
  • 48 invoices