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In complex business environments, managing telecommunication costs can feel like a never-ending battle.  Multiple providers, tangled contracts, and a constant barrage of bills make it nearly impossible to get a handle on what you’re spending and how to optimize your telecom, wireless, and SaaS expenses.  Your inventory is ever-changing, you may have DOZENs of carriers, you may be paying for services you haven’t used in years, the challenges are real!  

Many companies turn to Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions for relief,  as they promise greater visibility, control, and cost savings.  But is TEM always delivering on these promises?

TEM solutions are designed to streamline your telecom operations.  Ideally, they provide a central hub for managing all your telecom expenses, including:

  • Monthly Auditing: Invoice vs. Contract reviews to identify errors, duplicate charges, and overspending.
  • Up-to-date Inventory: A real-time snapshot of all your telecom services and assets across locations.
  • Optimization: Data-driven recommendations to ensure you’re on the most cost-effective plans and eliminate unused services.
  • Invoice Workflow & Approvals: Streamlined processes for managing and approving invoices.
  • Bill Payment/Invoice Consolidation: Simplified bill payment through the TEM provider.

Unfortunately, many TEM solutions fall short on these critical aspects, particularly in the areas of auditing, inventory management, and optimization.  This can lead to inaccurate budgeting, missed savings opportunities, and a general feeling of being out of control of your telecom spending.  

Two people sitting at a table reviewing charts and taking notesHere’s the harsh reality:  TEM providers aren’t always living up to their contractual obligations.  They may not be delivering the in-depth audits, real-time inventory visibility, or proactive optimization you were promised.  The result?  You could be unknowingly leaving significant amounts of money on the table every month,  not just on your telecom bills, but also on your wireless and SaaS expenses.

Did you know that a staggering 80% of all telecom bills contain errors? Yes, four out of five invoices you receive could be costing you more than they should.  And the problem extends beyond telecom.  Businesses can expect similar error rates in their wireless and SaaS bills.

Auditing Your TEM for Real Savings 

At Digital Direction, our focus is clear. We specialize in auditing your Telecom Expense Management (TEM) to uncover potential savings and establish a solid baseline for your TEM contract. Our approach is not about going beyond TEM but diving deep into it, ensuring you don’t miss out on valuable savings. With our industry-leading expertise, we’re here to guide you through the process, uncovering efficiencies and optimizing your telecom, wireless, and SaaS expenses. 

Group of professionally dressed men and womenOur Resources: The Strength Behind Your TEM Audit

  • The Largest Audit Staff: Our team of dedicated auditors is the largest in the industry, allowing us to delve deeper into your bills and uncover hidden savings opportunities that other firms might miss.
  • Fastest Audit to Savings Process: We understand that time is money. That’s why we’ve streamlined our audit process to deliver results quickly – TWICE as fast as the industry average – so you can start saving as soon as possible.
  • In-House Legal/Tariff/FCC/State Utility Experts: Our team has the legal and regulatory expertise to ensure your audits are comprehensive and compliant.
  • Unparalleled Process: We’ve honed our audit and optimization process over two decades, consistently exceeding industry standards.

The results speak for themselves.  Over two decades of business,  we’ve saved our customers more than $950 million.  On average, our clients experience a  35% reduction in their telecom, wireless, and SaaS bills.  Take a look at the results we’ve achieved for some of our customers who had a Gartner Magic Quadrant TEM platform:

Three panels showing savings and credits across three industries

Are you ready to take control of your telecom, wireless, and SaaS spending and ensure you’re getting the most value for your money?  

We’re so confident in our ability to save you money that we offer a 100% risk-free audit.  If we don’t find savings, you don’t pay.

Schedule your audit today and let Digital Direction unlock the hidden potential in your telecom, wireless, and SaaS environment.  

Every day you wait, you are losing money.  Contact us today!