A Digital Direction Telecom & Mobility Expense Audit May Save You Millions

We have recovered over $500 million for our clients.

What can we do for you?

Recoup Savings Faster

Our telecom and mobility expense audits yield greater results faster.

Times have changed. Freeing up money has become a critical task to fund business needs. The good news? Digital Direction’s telecom and mobility expense audit experts know just where to look for savings and they can find them faster and with more accuracy than anyone else.

Our 19 years of experience has proven that a company’s telecom is typically filled with errors, overcharges, and duplicate services. Most companies aren’t aware they are overspending given how convoluted telecom billing and contracts have gotten.


We’ve found over

$500 mill

in savings and one-time credits for our clients

On average, we save our clients


of annual connectivity spend based on recent audits

Why Digital Direction?

Nobody performs telecom and mobility expense audits faster.

    • Measurable ROI – Optimize and lower IT expenses using benchmark data and industry best practices.
    • Improved Process Efficiencies -Automated workflows and sophisticated technology to simplify expense and inventory management.
    • Streamline Bill Processing and Payment  – Automate monthly invoice processing while reducing time and cost.
    • Save Time and Money – Rely on best practices and industry expertise for faster service implementation and lower overall costs, allowing your employees to refocus on strategic innovation.
    • Fewer Service Disruptions – Leverage industry expertise to manage carrier disruptions for faster resolution.
    • Faster Project and Service Implementation – Rely on proven processes for faster time to market, including first and last bill review for billing assurances.


    While other auditors take 6 months to return results, Digital Direction will complete the industry’s most comprehensive telecom and mobility expense audits in 60 days. Our team has audited daily for years and has honed our process to perfection. After our audit, over-billing by telecom providers will be a thing of the past. There will be no telecom errors and no charges for duplicate services. We’ll even conduct a full mobility rate plan analysis. Most importantly, you will have all “found” money discovered in the audit for your company to use where you need it most.  Now is not the time to wait 6 months to learn you’re overspending your budget.

    Nobody audits with higher accuracy, resulting in more savings.

    Digital Direction has been in the business since 2002, conducting industry-leading telecom and mobility expense audits all over the world, bringing millions in savings to our clients. The depth of our team’s knowledge is extraordinary, so our audits are more comprehensive and accurate than any audit you will find elsewhere. With our proven systems, iron-clad process, and a team of true expense management experts, we know exactly what you should be billed for, how much it should cost, and the services you need. We’ll start by creating a comprehensive baseline inventory of your current assets, then complete our in-depth audit. If we find errors, we’ll leverage our long-time relationships with telecom and mobility providers, until every error gets fixed.

    We’ve found over

    $6.5 mill

    in telecom credits and savings for one client alone

    Gartner reports


    in savings for a client who relied upon TEM to catch errors

    What’s Included in Our Telecom and Mobility Expense Audit?

    We scrutinize line items billed against contracts and inventory to identify errors. We'll even find under-utilized/over-utilized services.
    We uncover savings and obtain credits that others miss, and we do it quickly as we know telecom better than anyone.
    We'll complete a comprehensive mobility rate analysis so that every aspect of your communications is covered within the audit.
    We implement, and project manage all approved rate and service adjustments to 100% completion.
    We conduct a 1st bill review to verify accurate implementation by the carrier; a step that other auditors leave behind.
    We provide a final comprehensive inventory of every telecom component and asset you own.
    We do it all remotely, using our expert resources. Your team will not be pulled away from your critical business.
    ...and the industry's best results!

    How It Works: 60 Days To Savings


    01. Gather

    Collect critical documents for audit from provider billing and other available resources.

    02. Audit & Findings

    Review thousands of items to identify opportunities for savings and telecom optimizations.


    03. Action

    All approved remediation efforts are implemented, rectifying issues, no matter how long it takes.


    04. Report

    Provide a comprehensive report and inventory of your fully corrected telecom environment. 

    How Much Does a Digital Direction Telecom and Mobility Expense Audit Cost?


    Our audits come at zero risk, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    There is no upfront fee for our auditing service. You may choose just to have your fixed telecom audited, or you may have us audit your mobility as well. Customers are charged a percentage of recovered credits and future savings. If we fail to identify savings opportunities (or you simply choose not to implement them) you owe us nothing.

    Request Your Risk- Free Telecom Expense Audit. Don’t Wait 6 Months To Free Up Your Cashflow.