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Freeing up your budget is more critical now than ever. Let us show you how much you can save. 

Gain time & efficiency

Close tickets faster and reduce unnecessary churn

Reduce telecom spend

Discover opportunities that save an average of 35%

Extend your staff

Your best people shouldn’t waste time on telecom billing errors

Limit risk & exposure

Get industry experts on your side

What we do

Outsourced telecom management

Let the telecom experts at Digital Direction fully manage your entire spectrum of telecom needs. Our hands-on, professionals will optimize all of your company’s telecom operations, ensuring maximum results, well beyond a mere software-based telecom solution. You focus on your core business and let Digital Direction take care of the rest.
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Telecom & mobility audit

Save 35% or more of your fixed telecom and mobility spend. Our deep industry knowledge, gathered through decades of working with carriers, enables us to accurately identify all savings, credits, as well as potential risks. We’ve saved millions for our customers. Plus, nobody conducts audits faster than Digital Direction. Don’t overpay another day.

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Telecom management as a service

Only need help supporting select telecom functions? We have the answer. Digital Direction’s Telecom Management as a Service allows you to hand pick telecom support according to the unique needs of your company. It’s always customized around you.

  • Mobile Optimization
  • RFP, Contract & Procurement
  • Project Management
  • TEM
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Cloud technology consulting

Consulting with the right cloud experts is crucial. Digital Direction boasts the most robust portfolio of next-generation IT technology solutions to meet real-world customer needs. Our cloud offerings, span across all desired architectures, including IaaS, UCaaS, and many more “X”aaS offerings.
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Our results

Given our vast experience and industry know-how, our positive impact on our clients’ businesses is dramatic.


We save our clients 35% on their overall telecom spend


Our Project Managers complete projects at least 40% faster


We close tickets 90% faster


“The staff is very experienced and knows how to quickly tackle every request I send their way. Digital Direction enables IT Departments to be effective and efficient.”

Jim Wilcox, Vein Clinics of America


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