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In today’s world, IT is the fastest evolving industry, and its roots are in every industry – finance, healthcare, government services, retail, and small to large enterprises. Technology has innovated businesses to a great extent, but it has also made way for new problems, which often incur costs or service disruption.

Digital Direction has 19 years of credible industry experience in Managed Telecom solutions. They strive to solve all IT challenges their clients face, including a regional bank who, under Digital Direction’s guidance and expertise, was able to break free from its telecom-related turmoil.


Our client is a financial holding company with numerous consumer and business banks and over $45 billion in assets. This bank is a private company amongst the highest-performing banking institutions in the United States.


Digital Direction is a Chicago-based professional services IT company that specializes in telecom management solutions. Founded in 2001, Digital Direction provides turnkey telecom operations for its clients and offers a wide range of services including Telecom Expense Management, IT Expense Audits, Service Procurement, Project Management, Contract Negotiations, Inventory Management, Trouble Ticket Management and Carrier Resolution Services


The client leveraged Digital Direction to eliminate carrier billing issues and optimize unused services with a major telecommunications company amongst other issues. Services were being billed on dual accounts while others were being billed after they were disconnected.


Digital Direction partnered with the bank to provide turnkey telecom management support, while taking note of services that the bank no longer needed and went to work. Working as an external branch of the bank’s IT department, they quickly improved processes, established regular auditing practices, and became a single source for carrier procurement and support. By partnering with the IT department, they were collectively able to find ways to save money and enhance their telecommunications support model.

As part of Digital Direction’s telecom management solution, the client was able to achieve:

  • $417K in credits through escalation to top carrier executives
  • Successful implementation of a new fiber optic network across 264 bank branches
  • Notable contract renegotiations with their telecommunications provider, resulting in over $7M in cost savings
  • Uniquely integrated with the bank’s IT team to manage day to day telecom functions


Digital Direction’s complete managed services solution coupled with an upfront Expense Audit yielded over $7.2M in cost savings while establishing a framework for a longstanding partnership.

This initial success from the Expense Audit afforded the bank to adopt Digital Direction as their full-time telecommunications advisor, which meant that all the major IT decisions and implementations were facilitated under this partnership. Even when the banking institution acquired more banks, Digital Direction was responsible for overhauling the IT infrastructure and bringing it up to date in all the new bank branches.

For over 10 years, Digital Direction has fostered a longstanding relationship with the bank to drive the institution’s success through technology and innovation.


  • 264 bank branches
  • One-time credits secured: $417K
  • First year savings: $2.4 million
  • Total overall savings and credits: $7.2 million (57%)

The client was pleased to form a successful working relationship with Digital Direction as a qualified partner while achieving their telecom goals and utilizing Digital Direction’s expertise.