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As one of the nation’s largest group practices, this Midwest-based healthcare provider employs over 30,000 professionals, including 1,200 physicians across 200 locations.


Digital Direction is a leading telecommunications professional services and consulting company that focuses on saving their clients time and money. They specialize in delivering a faster and greater ROI through comprehensive managed telecom solutions.


This nationally recognized healthcare provider hired Digital Direction to audit their existing Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) provider.

Like other businesses who have existing TEM solutions in place, they felt their existing partner was still leaving money on the table.

They sought help from Digital Direction to identify additional cost savings and ensure they had a more complete TEM solution provider in place going forward.


Digital Direction analyzed over 2,000 billing line items quickly and efficiently on top of what the existing TEM provider was already contracted to do. In as little as 6 months, Digital Direction secured an additional $4M in cost savings. Within the first year, the client realized over $6M in savings as a direct result of Digital Direction’s “Audit your TEM” practice.


The results speak for themselves. When Digital Direction completed the TEM Audit on a Gartner Magic Quadrant TEM leader, the healthcare company realized a 41% cost savings for a total of $6M in savings and credits.

Digital Direction was able to identify and correct unauthorized billings for PRIs, WAN and Internet, along with other services, including services that had been disconnected but continued to bill. Digital Direction also forced the major telecommunications provider to bill contractual rates and issue credits for the overbilling and mismanagement of the account.

By exposing the telecom company and their TEM provider for their improper billing, the client obtained a $1M check plus $2M in total credits.


  • Over 2,000 individual line items analyzed
  • A total of 388 telecom invoices
  • $1.25 million in total monthly spend across 199 unique locations
  • Savings: Over $4 million in annual savings implemented within 6 months
  • Credits: Over $2 million in 1-time credits
  • Over $6 million (41%) total savings produced by Digital Direction in first year of engagement

The healthcare conglomerate was amazed by the results. Digital Direction exceeded their expectations and lowered their spending by 41% to form a successful working relationship